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Suitable for sulfuric acid (up to 40%), phosphoric acid, battery acid, hydrochloric acid, iron (III) chloride (up to 30%), caustic soda Supplied as ready to use set inc. Media-resistant hose (2 …

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Corrosion data for a various stainless steels in an extensive range of media. The corrosion data in this section is mainly based on the results of general corrosion laboratory tests, which are not strictly comparable with actual service conditions.The corrosion tables


Used for dispensing product only. 3/4" Barb connects to the suction side of the pump hose. Integrated low vacuum break urella check valve built into to dispense coupler to allow for make-up air. Dry Disconnect - Less than 2 milliliters. Heavy duty s

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Where peracetic acid is dosed into a batch or process line, a peristaltic pump may be more suitable due to the accurate flow rate. A Verderflex peristaltic pump with EPDM chemically resistant hose can provide an accurate delivery of fluid, even those that are viscous and contain abrasive solids.

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the hose will encounter • assess what accessories the hose will need A hose meant for engineering applica-tion comprises four main parts (see Figure 1): 1. core tube material and construction 2. reinforcement layers 3. covers 4. end connections Core tube

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Butyric acid Calcium bisulfite Calcium chloride Calcium hypochlorite, 20% Calcium sulfate Carbon tetrachloride Carbonic acid Chloroacetic acid Chlorine water Chlorobenzene Chloroform (wet) Chlorosulfonic acid Chromic acid, 10% Chromic acid, 50% Citric acid

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The SP10A and SP20A Acid Sprayers are the first industrial sprayers expressly designed for acids - using new acid-resistant plastic and rubber compounds, plastic parts, and a PVC wand. We have built a sprayer that is not affected by muriatic (hydrochloric) acid, hydrofluoric acid, or phosphoric acids.

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Free 2-day shipping. Buy ACTION PUMP IBC-HK-8P2C Hose Kit,Dia.1 In,Polypropylene,Camlok at Walmart You won’t get NextDay delivery on this order because your cart contains item(s) that aren’t “NextDay eligible”. If you want NextDay, we can save the


PUMP DIAPHRAGM VITON 1/2 NDP-15FVT quantity SKU: WNL424 egory: Polypropylene Diaphragm Pumps 12 Appliion Suitable for the transfer of hydrochloric acid up to 20% concentration, phosphoric acid, methanol, paint thinners and water. FBSP

Guide to Impact of Chemicals on EPDM Rubber

Guide to Impact of Chemicals on EPDM Rubber This guide will help in assessing the impact different chemicals may have on EPDM rubber. This data has been compiled by other reputable sources and is to be used solely as a guide in selecting EPDM or

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10A & 20A are specifically designed for spraying muriatic, hydrofluoric & phosphoric acids; acid-based stains and acid-etching products. SP35C & 20C are for curing compounds, form release agents, form oil, diesel, oil & water-based sealers. Viton® O-rings


CHEMICAL RESISTANCE CHART RATINGS — CHEMICAL EFFECT A — No effect—Excellent B — Minor effect—Good 2. Polypropylene — Satisfactory to 72 F. C — Moderate effect—Fair D — Severe effect—Not recommended FOOTNOTES 1. P.V.C

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Formic Acid 0 1 Fair Degradation begins after 30 min Gasoline 0 0 Good Glycol Ether 0 0 Good Hexane 0 0 Good Hydrazine, Anhydrous 2 2 ER Slight swelling after 30 minutes Hydrochloric Acid 37% 0 2 ER Degradation begins after 30 minutes Jet Fuel (JP-5

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Phosphoric Acid pHospHuric NPKpHuric Compatible Blends: 7.5 – 26 – 0 3 – 40 – 0 10 – 20 – 0 5 – 5 – 5 2 – 10 – 6 6 - 16 - 0 7 - 7 - 0 Viton Seals. 1 – 320 gph. Automatic Controller. Regulates on pH, EC and proportional injection. pH Probeor w on input

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PTFE Chemical Resistance Chart PTFE extruded tubing, and PTFE shrink tubing, are used by our customers in various industries and in different appliions, which may require resistance to specific chemicals. While this chart is a useful reference, please note

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CautionThe following tables are intended to serve only as your reference of materials, and are not intended to guarantee our products. Evaluate results as the user with the actual equipment and usage conditions. As of Noveer 2018 = Excellent, can be used

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• Acid Resistant Flexi Hose Appliion: Diluted Acids & Caustic Soda This unit may only be used for applying the following substances: - Nitric acid up to 10%, -Acetic acid up to 10%, - Prop ionic acid up to 10%, -Hydrochloric acid up to 10%, - Phosphoric acid

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Includes: Hose, hose clamp, strainer. Motor includes air inlet valve and muffler Item: Air Operated Drum Pump Type: Air-Drive Wetted Materials: Polypropylene, Hastelloy C, Tefzel, Viton, Kynar, Vinyl For Use With: 990 Series hand flow

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Viton Item: Discharge Hose Kit Length: 96" See full product details This item ships free. Shipping & Returns For Media Type: Citric Acid, Formic Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Hydrofluoric Acid, Nitric Acid, Phosphoric Acid (40% Solution

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Chemical resistance chart for liquids and gases The table below shows the most commonly used media and their compatibility with the valve materials. Please note that the compatibility can be affected by temperature and concentration of the medium. The chart is

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Dichloroacetic Acid 79-43-6 1.00ton 0.0% Message 2020-08-04 LEAD STEARATE(7428-48-0) 7428-48-0 100.00g 98% Message 2020-08-04 (+)-p-mentha-2,8-dien-1-ol(7212-40-0) 7212-40-0 1.00g 96% Message 2020-08-04 iron(2+) sulfate (anhydrous) 7720-78-7

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Viton XLPE UHMWPE Teflon Ketones-Lactic acid (cold)--Lactic acid (hot)-----Laquers solvents Lard-Lauryl alcohol-Lauryl alcohol-Lavender oil-Lead acetate Lead sulfate Lime bleach-Lime sulfur-Linoleic acid-----Linseed oil---Liquid Petroleum Gas--Lubriing oils

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CHEMICAL RESISTANCE OF FLEXIBLE GRAPHITE Graphite is one of the most inert natural materials known. It will resist corrosive attack by a wide variety of chemicals including many acids, bases, solvents, oils, metals, etc. D&D Engineered Products Inc. 5511

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The SP Systems 42 psi industrial acid compression sprayer is built with all acid-resistant components--plastic and rubber compounds, plastic parts, and durable PVC wand--and is capable of spraying hydrochloric, muriatic and phosphoric acids for

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Hand-Held Acid Sprayers Industrial construction hand held series are used for acid appliions. These sprayers can withstand muriatic (hydrochloric) acid, hydrofluoric acid, or phosphoric acids. It can be used for staining or etching concrete and masonry

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Phosphoric Acid Chemical Phosphoric acid is a clear, odourless liquid, which is non-volatile. It is slightly viscous with a syrupy consistency when concentrated. It is typically available in 85% concentration and in more dilute solutions for various commercial and

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SEARCH SEARCH THIS CHEMICAL RESISTANCE GUIDE This is an interactive text searchable document. Type a keyword into the«]óÅj Bò ~zâ ÜWðn 9,VÏu%zñat j ï`Î¾Ë ³¢ 1 INTRODUCTION Thermoplastics and elastomers have outstanding resistance to a